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Los Angeles Lakers: Rajon Rondo ready to help Lonzo Ball develop

Monday 20 August, 2018 | RSS Feed

Los Angeles Lakers: Rajon Rondo ready to help Lonzo Ball develop

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The Los Angeles Lakers reshaped their backcourt this offseason. With LeBron James now in town, some veterans were needed to round out the roster. One of those veterans that were signed was point guard, Rajon Rondo.

Rondo’s signing was one that made some people scratch their heads. However, it was a signing that fit the mold of what Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka were looking for.

They wanted hard-nosed, defensive-minded veterans that are also playmakers. While his defense has slipped in recent years, Rondo fits the bill about as well as any player available this offseason.

Last season, the Lakers backup point guard spot was a mess. When Lonzo Ball was off the court or sidelined with an injury the offense would suffer. Rondo will shore up the backup point guard position and is a big upgrade on Tyler Ennis, Alex Caruso and Isaiah Thomas, the trio that backed up Ball a majority of the 2017-18 season.
When he was signed, there was some debate about whether he would become the starting point guard. Rondo has been a starter for a majority of his career. His rookie season was the only time he came off the bench more than half of the games he played in.

That is something that will probably change this season. However, starting is not something Rondo is interested in. He only wants to win and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

To accomplish that goal, the young players need to continue developing. One of the players that the Lakers are hoping takes a leap this upcoming season is Lonzo Ball, and Rondo is ready to help make that happen.
“I’m ready to help develop Lonzo as much as possible,” Rajon says.

“If I’m not starting and he’s starting, he’s going to be ready to go and ready for anybody that comes his way. And we’ll be ready to roll.”

“My main objective is to win.”

This is excellent news for the Lakers and their fans. Rondo has rubbed some coaches and teammates the wrong way in the past but has turned into a great veteran, locker room presence.

Magic and Pelinka are hoping that continues this upcoming season with the Lakers. Rondo is competitive and wants to play, but if the Lakers are winning, don’t expect him to upset the chemistry.

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